It may often pain in the muscles or joints, as a result of sports movement is incorrect or the result of an effort, or a viral infection. This pain is not the inflammation in the joints, and rarely indicate a serious illness. But how can I treat muscle pain?
Treat muscle pain
- Wait, where the effects of the pain will disappear after 3-7 days without resorting to medical treatment.
- Avoid any strenuous activity because it will increase the pain.
- Do exercise some light aerobic exercises, because it works on the blood flow to the muscles that hurts and reducing the severity of the pain.
- Do exercises prolongation of the affected areas.
- Massage the muscles that hurts.
- Resort to anti-inflammatory drugs that relieve pain even though it does not accelerate the recovery, such as aspirin or ibuprofen.
- The use of vitamin C may reduce the severity of muscle pain.
- Do not forget the warm-up exercises before the start of exercise.
- When the pain continued for more than seven days, consult your physician.
- Continue using the muscles naturally with extended floored.
- Develop an adequate amount of snow to cover the affected area in a plastic bag.
- Wrap the affected area in the bond or elastic bandage to provide support to the muscles.
Prevention and physiotherapy
- Warming or heating before any activity.
- Muscle cooling after completion.
- The practice of stretching exercises.
- The practice of flexibility exercises after the completion of any activity directly.
- Start simple activities and included in the intensity and time of exercise over time.
- Avoid sudden change as practiced activities.

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