What you need to know about liver enzymes

Do you want to make sure the health of the liver? Of the most important things to watch out for is if liver enzymes, and if a high level. So what should you to know about this topic?

The causes of elevated liver enzymes that the high level of liver enzymes due to several reasons, including:

- Obesity: The increase in weight by a large margin for normal limit returns a negative impact on the liver.

- Genetic factors: If you are from a family accustomed incidence of this disease has infected by reason hereditary.

- Soft drink and alcohol and drug abuse: all these are toxins enter the liver.

- People with diabetes are more susceptible to increased liver enzymes to a malfunction in insulin.

- Taking certain medications: such as medications for lowering cholesterol, and drugs relieve pain, rheumatism and drugs, aspirin, and drugs arthritis, and some types of antibiotics, tuberculosis drugs, and drugs fungi and microbes ,.

- Incidence of certain diseases such as hepatitis types, and inflammation of the pancreas, gallbladder, inflammation of the kidneys and urinary tract, the disease inflated cells fever, a disease monocytes nucleus.

Symptoms of high liver enzymes and damages there is a group of signs and indications that appear on the patient with the disease, including:

- Yellowing, where it becomes yellow color of the skin and whites of the eyes change color to yellow.

- Turning the color of feces and urine Dark color

- Gastrointestinal bleeding and edema caused by accumulation of fluid in the abdomen

- Lower the temperature significantly.

- Low weight for no apparent reason and without intentionally.

- The feeling of swelling size of the liver.

The treatment of elevated liver enzymes for the treatment of elevated liver enzymes you have to follow the following:

- See a doctor immediately and without delay to conduct the necessary tests and treatment.

- Do not take any medications or prescriptions that advises them that nothing is a substitute for a review of your doctor.

- Stop any activity you think is the cause of your illness.

- Do not take fast food and replace it by food and health abound of sweets and sugars, enter the fish in your diet because it contains omega-3, and add a few poultry and meat fat.

- Garlic may help it is one of the disinfectants, grapefruit, carrots, they are useful food for the liver

- Exercise is cumbersome, especially sports such as walking to stimulate your circulation.

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