Most women suffer from hair loss problem associated with a lot of psychological factors, physical and external such as weather or sunlight or internal physical factors that have a significant impact on the health of the hair. We will see in this topic What are the psychological reasons that cause hair loss.
Mental disorders and healthy hair
The header contains 120 to 150 thousand hair and is usually 90% of the hair in the growth stages and grow each hair about one centimeter each month this phase lasts between two to three years and then the hair starts phase called the resting phase that lasts from 3 to 4 months then the hair falls out and new hair grows place.
And it causes tension and mental state turbulent change in routine physiological previously mentioned, thus causing the transmission of large amounts of hair to the rest stage prematurely leads to Fallen early. May be symptoms of a disturbing Doctors confirm that this physiological stress leads to hair loss include changing diet and lifestyle changes and some medical conditions, including:
- Fox's disease: Experts believe that many factors may cause alopecia and the latter exposure to acute stress, which leads to white blood cells attack the hair follicles and cause hair growth stopped immediately and caused Ptsaqth.
- Stop hair growth: if a person is exposed to a lot of emotional or physical stress causes him to enter a large number of hairs into a resting phase sooner than usual leads ultimately to the Fallen at the touch of hair or washing or styling.
- Trichotillomania: This disease is a psychological state that makes a person pulls the hair from his scalp and eyebrows and other areas in the body contains hair, is usually pull hair is an expression of negative feelings in person Kalajhad or Kulql or tension or frustration.

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