Breast cancer is one of the most prevalent diseases in women worldwide, but the cure rate varies according to the stage reached by the disease, according to the time it was detected by the disease. So what are the stages of the disease that can be cured and what are the factors that positively or negatively affect the healing process?
According to the healing phase
That the chances of survival rate five years after the completion of treatment shall be according to the stage where the cancer was diagnosed as follows:
The preliminary stage (zero): be cured ratio up to 95%
Phase I and II: where the disease is localized, become a cure rate between 60 and 80%
Phase III: Hbut disease becomes locally advanced, the cure rate drops to 36%
Phase IV: the breast cancer have spread to distant organs Banakail, Vtaatdny cure rate to almost 7%.
Factors affecting the chances of recovery from breast cancer
 The following factors play an important role in the chances of recovery from breast cancer, as follows:
- Early detection: where the attending physician of the eradication of cancer can at an early stage, giving the patient a high chance of cure.
- The degree of malice: carrying low-grade slag higher response to treatment and chances of recovery.
- The quality of cancer cells: where these cells are varied and each carries a high ability of malice and lack of response to treatment and healing while some respond better to treatment.
- Spread to the lymph nodes: where this is a negative sign for the chances of response to treatment and healing.
- The size of the tumor: the tumor size increase leads to an increase in the chances of treatment failure with a decrease in response to treatment and the percentage of cure rate.
- Hormone receptors in cancer cells: In the case of the presence of receptors respond to estrogen or progesterone in cancer cells then are treated the patient with anti-hormone that increases the response to treatment and the percentage chances of recovery.
- Genes examined: may be a number of examinations of genes in cancer cells that determine the response to treatment and opportunities for healing opportunities. Such analyzes are very complex and are made routinely in all oncology centers.
- The patient's status: the overall state of health, psychological and social for the patient play a positive role that was in the case of a negative and a positive role that were not so good.

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