Canines buried or buried canines made up and grow in place prevents them from appearing to perform was used by completely. Wisdom tooth is the most common embedded molars, while the upper Canine comes in second place. As for the sprocket buried mind it is not of great importance in the mouth it is sometimes cause severe pain so it's better extracted. Vtarafoa most important reasons for the formation canines buried in the mouth.
The main causes of formation canines buried
The first reason, genetic factor plays an important role in the growth of canines are buried is inconsistent, then the jaw to accommodate all the teeth that are supposed to take place properly.
The second reason, not primary teeth fall on time, be one of the reasons for the emergence of canines buried.
The third reason, many children practiced some harmful habits healthy mouth and teeth in childhood, such as sucking Alabhm and pay teeth, so these habits to cause shortness of the upper jaw in turn leads to a lack of understanding of the dental arch tusks, consists canines buried.
The fourth reason, that breath of mouth is one of the most important reasons that lead to the emergence of microbes and diseases of the respiratory system as the existence of Alhumaiat leading to tightness in the upper jaw, causing bury canines.
To all mothers it is better to be a routine check of your children before it completes seven years of age, because it is the most important period to determine the likelihood of ill-dishes, which have canines buried.

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