Often associated with sweating the subject of a negative view in terms of body odor and ways to get rid of sweating, but what can not know Him for the many positive benefits of sweating affect the health of our body and contribute to make it a healthy free from some of the side impurities. So know us through our article today on the benefits of sweating of the body.

- Sweating regulates body temperature and makes it within the normal range which does not exceed 37 degrees Celsius, according to a US study published in the Dermatology Center in New York.

- Contributes to sweating in ridding the skin of grain and pimples undesirable because it comes out all the dirt, dust that resides inside the pores of the skin, the race does not come out of this dirt will remain under the skin inside the pores shall be timely acne which may turn into a chronic problem.

- Of the benefits of sweating it activates blood circulation to the body due to the presence of sweat glands near blood vessels and capillaries Vhat moving ethnic gland activated blood vessels and increased blood flow in the body.

- Contributes to sweating in other cases also out in dangerous and harmful elements by Kalolominyum, magnesium, mercury and lead, which remained in the inside of the body led to obtain the poisoning.

- The body sweating process helps to stimulate the secretion of endorphins, which happiness and relaxation in the body is a reason to calm the nerves and stay away from mental illness and depression.

- With the sweat out of the body contributes to the payment of bacteria and fungi on the surface, consisting also graduated.

- Of the most important benefits of sweating it contributes to excess weight loss and achieve ideal body weight Many Ways burning fat rely on out of the body, for example through body fat oils to stimulate the sweat glands to secrete sweat.

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