Teeth are exposed daily to many factors make them lose the white color and turn into a dark color is desirable, or dental Btheloanat different pigmentation what causes many problems in people Kalthagh self-confidence and unwillingness to talk much or smile. These pigmentation that affect one tooth or could affect at the same time several teeth at once. Vtarafa us through this story of my health on the reasons that cause tooth discoloration.
- Dining: Some types of foods Kalptatas, beets and some drinks such as tea, coffee and soft drinks added Altheloanat artificial and even some spices Kra, for example, cause the emergence and change the color of teeth stains.
- Smoking: Smoking tobacco leads to the emergence of the types of changes in tooth color.
- Aging: that aging has a significant effect on pigmentation change their minds tooth color gradually with the passage of time.
- Diseases: cause some diseases that affect the rights to changes in the color of his teeth Kmthela anemia or lack Alvitaninat disease in his body.
- Toothpaste: The use of toothpaste is not appropriate such as that contains large amounts of fluoride in children cause major changes in the color of teeth. This could force the dentist after a period on the use of medical or cosmetic solutions to correct this problem.
- Genetic factors: the degree of tooth thickness varies according to several Kasmakh layer called the enamel layer and genetic factors that cause discoloration and yellowing of the teeth.
To avoid this as much as possible we pigmentation permanent attention to the teeth and a lot of drinking water a day and brushing teeth at least twice a day after meals. As it is important to use floss to clean places that do not, engaged in the brush, avoiding food and beverages that may harm the teeth.

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