Constitute the baby is born at home a great joy and can busy parents in receiving guests and congratulations, but do not forget that the new baby needs to take care of large and carefully with all matters relating to him from his sleep and fed pigeons. The issue of infant sleep great importance, which is born newly needs to sleep 16 hours a day at least, but hours of sleep is not what constitutes a continuing disquiet of the mother, and interrupted sleep because of the child's mother is not allowed to have a few hours sleep that evening continuously.
A child in the first goodwill Astakiz every three to four hours, according to his need to eat, and sometimes if it feels a certain cramps or what disturbed. So advise the mother to give birth, especially that for the first time to be quiet and to know that the child can not in the first few months to sleep continuously. For the mother of masterminding the daily program is allowed to rest during the day when the child was asleep, so as to ensure compensation for the night and avoid fatigue.
Proper sleep
There are many ways to sleeping baby With the birth of the child's mother starts to receive many tips on how to put her baby in his bed. But as evidenced by studies that the best way to sleep in the first months of the child is putting on his side and Tsneadh from both sides (rear and front) to prevent his coup on his stomach or his back. So why the child is placed on its side?
Some children suffer from birth Bmdhm of reflux, especially after consuming milk can not be for the people of that Atenbaa if the child suffers from it or not. Place the child on his side can in the event of any reflux that milk comes out of his mouth without that this poses a threat to it. If he was asleep on the back there is a risk of suffocation in a large case of any reflux. As for sleeping on the stomach is no less dangerous, if that newborns can not raise their head and therefore difficult for them to cleave the air cleaner. Baby sleeping on Btpinh exhibition is to large to split carbon dioxide, and expresses this command from one of the leading causes of sudden death.
Where your baby sleeps?
The mother can be stressful post-natal experience or be overly Mahthompsh by Mother leads to commit a lot of mistakes, here are tips this value if you're either for the first time:
- Carry your baby in your arms to breastfeed him and let him rest after the completion of the period of half an hour in order to avoid any case of vomiting or reflux but after you're done put it in secret and not beside you.

- During the day, it is desirable that the child sleeps lighted place where there is natural light. That allows the baby to gradually begins to distinguish between night and day.
Aaghi and intermittent sleep problem your child the right ways
- Try to cool the nerves that carry the child cried through the development of quiet music or contact of a soft manner and calm him down and return to sleep.

- Do not Taatjahli your baby's intelligence was only crying for your payment to him Valrabott with his mother creates since its composition.

And remind you that you can not work in that kind of market allocated to the child as the large baby pillows allow him to Phnom quiet and prevent it from coup on the back or stomach. It also advises not to put any game or any towel or is possible that a child choking at night. It is desirable to blanket wrapped the baby in the first few months to prevent suffocation by.

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