Your child's personality begins to evolve since the age of two is the development of a vital and essential thing in this world of ours, it helps your child to be successful and advanced in his life and basic, everyday process. And begin to strengthen your child's personality at home and across the basic things fetching his bed independently of his family room, playing with some friends and relatives and go to the nursery and several basic ways. And offer you the most important ways to strengthen your child's personality at home and when he went to school.

The most important ways to strengthen your child's personality

First, your child is not allowed to imitate people or even close friends because it has a negative factor, he robs him of his personality and independence. But tried to Taathaoroa with him that each one of his character and should not blindly imitate others, even in bad behavior.

Second, parents should know when they surround the child with lots of love and compassion, it is a positive formation of his personal hand. But should not be exaggerated auctioneer, because that would not be the way to strengthen your child never personal.

Third, the poor child in school or shy may be some thing and unable to defend himself or his views, so that the parents repeatedly Amdhawwa it, and Ivkroh positive matters enjoyed by whole heartedly with the formation of friendships. This is what promotes self-confidence and begin his personality improvement and development.

Fourth, it is supposed to take notice of every mother to her child because it is exposed to many external influences, especially in our current society such as television, Internet and other also. So you have to be conscious as much as possible to Trushdih on the right track and awareness about the dangers of pursuing the technology of the negative side.

Fifth, the child to the family of a coherent needs to help him to strengthen his character, so in case there was any marital problems or family tried to neutralize them and the child, but it is engraved in it and have negatively impacted on his personality.

Sixth, completely moved away from the use of the language of the erosion, ridicule, defamation, slander and others favoring it. But Teach your child the importance of dialogue to reach positive results. This applies especially the one hand, the study, which frustrates a lot of parents in their children that they use with them what finally

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