It is known that children at an early stage baptized to suck the fingers of their hands and a private Alabhm despite the availability of breastfeeding which is common in 45% of children and is a natural process refers to the nervous compatibility muscular, but they become a sign of a kind of mental disorders for the child to spread to the fifth year or six years old. So to every mother to realize the reasons for this habit and that you know when it becomes abnormal.

Reasons Thumb-sucking

- Relax: the movement of the child feel the joy of muscle relaxation and myself what, and The infant is born with the desire to soak up the milk from the breast of his mother, although this could not be offset by subconsciously suck his thumb.

- Satisfy the wishes himself: Come habit because of the lack satisfy his need for food, or adequacy of the need of tenderness.

- Concern myself: may reflect sucking psychologically worried when he grows up a bit, the result of a strained relationship between his parents, also come because of loneliness and the presence of strong desires repressed.

The risk of sucking Alabhm

- Be an imbalance teeth.
- Change the shape and composition of the roof of the mouth, especially in children who continue to suck their fingers even after the permanent teeth are.

- A sense of isolation and Child upset with him if the habit persists for a long time; because it exposed him to ridicule others.
The risk depends on the concentration ratio of the habit; they do Children who are insatiable are most vulnerable to dental problems for others who are leaving the fingers just inside the mouth, and the perennial problem arises if the child did not stop the habit at the age of four or five years.

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