Despite the small size of the teeth is a very important part of the human body, it is of paramount importance in everyday life, so it should be attention and awareness of their importance. However, many factors of neglect to pathological cases, may lead to early fall of the teeth. Vtarafoa in this thread on the reasons for the early fall of the teeth to avoid flying with you they occur.
Neglect oral hygiene and teeth in
This is the main cause of tooth loss and fall. Neglect is oral hygiene and teeth in common between people, which leads to the accumulation of tartar on the teeth and between the teeth and in the area of ​​the confluence of gum, which in turn causes tooth decay and gum disease. If this neglect continued decay will become deeper and deeper periodontal pockets shall be the only solution then is to take off that age and get rid of it so as not to be a hotbed of diseases. It also deepened periodontal pockets to deep degree lead to the erosion of the bone around the teeth and thus Khalkhaltha, and then the natural fall.
Gum Disease
That gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, and gum disease do not produce all of lime but have other health factors. These diseases need to treat another type requires a certain special antibiotics and surgery.
The women in pregnancy are more prone to gum disease and tooth decay phase. This is due to a change in salivary surrounding environment, and the lack of immunity during this period. This is in addition to the expected negligence in cleaning teeth during this difficult period.
Smoking is a major cause for the 75% of periodontal disease in adults. And chronic gum disease is a major cause of tooth loss. What is happening is an inflammation of gingival initially extends to the gum tissue surrounding the teeth and lead to the secession of the gums and loss of teeth.


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