Get liver coma when the liver becomes a scar is unable to purify the blood of toxins such as ammonia, which converts the liver in the normal position and the right to dispose of urea through the urine. But with cirrhosis of the liver is the body becomes able to expel the ammonia out of the body leads to transmission of this toxin through the blood to the brain Vitzmm and leads to hepatic coma. But what are the causes and symptoms of liver coma?
Causes liver coma
- Cases of severe diarrhea or constipation.
- Eating too much animal protein.
- Eating too much diuretics drugs.
- Taking certain types of antibiotics.
- High body temperature than normal in the case of fever.
- Severe bleeding for patients with esophageal varices or stomach ulcers lead to the same results.
Divided stages of hepatic coma into two phases, the first phase include symptoms group, while infected patient in the second stage full coma. We offer the following symptoms of pre-coma:
- Lack of awareness, confusion and mental focus.
- Lack of sleep.
- The patient's behavior and personality changes tends to nervousness in many situations.
- Lack of control in the urine and feces.
- The words of the patient becomes incomprehensible. 
- The patient suffers from a jerk parties when rolled forward and movement called alar liver.
- Smell out of the patient's mouth smells like sour apple.
Edema and flatulence as well as redness of color hands.

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