The thrush on the mouth is more common among children and the types of infection caused by the accumulation of fungus, called Candida. Candida fungi exist naturally in the mouth and digestive tract in children and adults alike, and increasingly these fungi and accumulate in the event of the disease and the weakness of the immune system that may cause thrush. Castles usually appears in children when taking antibiotics, which can kill the good bacteria that control candida levels in the body leads to accumulation and infection. But what are the symptoms of fungal mouth? And how is it treated and prevented?


- Cracks in the skin at the corners of the mouth.
- White spots on the lips, tongue or inside of the cheeks and look like cottage cheese but can not be erased.
- Scraped white spots may cause bleeding.
- Fungi may cause pain and discomfort during sucking, which may affect the feeding and the amount of food you eat the child.
- The child may develop castles and the sensitivity of the diaper at the same time because of the same type of fungus.

- In the case of artificial feeding or the use of a pacifier, you sterilize and clean the nipples well so as not to Taidyn fungal infection your child's mouth.
- Keep milk bottles in the refrigerator to ensure kill fungi.
- In the case of breast-feeding, if the two Helmtek redness and pain you may be infected with fungi as well. SHOW your condition to your doctor for the treatment of fungus during your child's treatment of fungus on his mouth and was keen to constantly changing diapers to avoid infection and fungi.

Some cases may heal without treatment within a week or two weeks, but the doctor has advised to take liquid medicine against fungi of the mouth from home and abroad use ALL customized sponge. Depending on the age of your child's doctor may also recommended to add yogurt to the diet because it contains good bacteria that eliminate harmful fungi. 

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