It is necessary and important to be familiar with the stages of baby's development for the benefit of the step-by-step development of the escort, the sewing handle each stage as your child and toddler completed successfully. And what we offer for you today on my site is an article dealing with the stage at which your baby can sit, the servants.


Most children begin learning to sit in the period between the fourth and seventh months of age.


-By the ninth month your child would be able to sit well and without any support.


-Help your child sit on the step towards walking, come stage sit normally after your child has mastered rolling over and before he learns to crawl or crawl.


Your child needs to develop the muscles of the head and neck to be able to sit alone. Grow muscle and gaining strength since his birth. And you will notice that your muscles become stronger when you see it lifts his head when you lie on your stomach.


-As with any new skill requires some training, to sit in the first few days, your baby needs to bend forward on his arms to keep his balance. Then make sure you put a lot of soft pillows around him in anticipation of his fall.


-Remember that children's abilities grow unevenly, some acquired skills faster than the other, don't worry about your baby and to rest more than advise you to talk to a doctor.
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