Many people feel numbness in various parts of the body especially in parties due to sit the wrong way can lead to swelling, the blood and never coming to the parties. But what are the causes of numbness in the head?.


What is numbness?


Numbness is also felt by most people is a loss of feeling in the affected area and between the feeling of tingling in thick and fast and the loss of feeling in one of the areas of the body. And duration of numbness based because of infection, which could drag on or fall short. In cases of numbness in upper limbs as arm or stop until the situation just move your hand a minute or minutes. Different causes of numbness in the body.


Causes of numbness in the head


-Can cause the feeling of numbness in the head group of public causes such as chronic headache or cold.
In some cases, numbness in the head as a result of cold medication and that lead to a sense of imbalance and extreme sleepiness as a side effects.
-Can have cold feeling is one of the reasons that lead to a sense of numbness on scalp tingling.
There are some other common causes which can lead to a feeling of numbness in the head like a nerve injury or injuries to the neck area or the lack of blood supply to the head because of the shortness of the capillaries in the neck area, resulting from malnutrition and severe fatigue in many cases.
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