Featuring wonderful anise taste and his ability to treat a variety of ailments. It contains oils Albrootin, Alzhbah, essential oils and fiber. In addition to the important nutrients as potassium, copper as Alcalseyoum, that helps to enjoy better health. But do you benefit anise pregnant?

Health benefits of anise

Aniseed is one of the most herbs that contribute to the treatment of many diseases, including:
- Addresses the problems of the digestive system because it relieves swelling Batn, expels gases from Alamaa, relieve heartburn and indigestion addresses and regulates the process of digestion.
- Contributes to ease respiratory disorders so that relieves cold and bouts Saal, protect against infections meteors Alhoaiah, pockets Alanvih, throat and pharynx also helps to get rid of phlegm.
- Regulates the menstrual cycle and relieve cramps and spasms caused by them.
- Relieves sleep disorders because it calms the nerves and Irkhiha.
- Eliminates germs and fungi that accumulate in the body.

The importance of anise holder

In addition to the health benefits of anise also plays an important role during pregnancy and after birth also because it:
- Relieve the symptoms and pain of craving.
- Softens the stomach and treats constipation that suffered by pregnant during the first months of pregnancy.
- Expels gases.
- Eliminates dizziness.
- Facilitate the birth process and strengthens the open.
- Contributes to Adrar milk.
- Improves feeding process

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