Many people get high bad cholesterol in the blood caused by eating high-fat foods and pans. And Kdla be discovered only through a blood test after a sudden feeling of malaise patient. The negligence of high cholesterol and lack of treatment for many serious illnesses may cause. So next treatment Taba, must change his lifestyle cholesterol patient

The causes of high cholesterol
Cholesterol rate high on the quality of the food but not limited Vqt, There are many reasons leading to it, the most prominent Alorath, Albadanh, age group, especially for people who are over the age of Alkhmsin, high proportion Alscrve Dam, high blood pressure and smoking excessively.
Complications negligence cholesterol
After you determine the rate of high cholesterol in Dam, it should not be neglected disease because it causes the accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries of the brain and kidneys Kulb, which leads to blockage. It can also lead to injury, a heart attack due to a sudden hardening of the arteries.
The lifestyle of the patient cholesterol
In addition to Taba, treatment must be based patient cholesterol by changing his lifestyle and follow healthy habits to reduce the average and the most important:
- Quit Smoking
- Eat foods rich in fiber and minerals
- Avoid rich foods Baldehon, Alhloyat, pans and yellow cheese
- Walking at least 40 minutes a day

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