Things that pregnant women notice that her hair becomes thick during pregnancy and more Maip and beautiful and rejoice for this appearance, but do you know that if your hair is going to change after the birth? What gets the hormones flowing into the body during pregnancy that lead to increased density and Amaih, but after birth can hair that falls out dramatically. Vakchwi us ways to prevent this problem.
1. eating nutritious foods: It is true that we can not Taatgma completely changes the hair during pregnancy and after birth, but can Provides yourself a big favor by eating nutritious foods for hair, which are rich in vitamins such as garlic, spinach, fruit, eggs and fish.
2. taking the supplements and vitamins: In the event began to notice that the hair began Baltsaqt dramatically after birth, we recommend that Tsalbe your doctor about the issue and the possibility of taking some nutritional supplements and vitamins, whether in the form of pills or capsules using localized manner. It is important to Tdlki scalp when using these capsules to move the blood circulation.
3 simple ways to avoid hair loss: the ways in which it can Tljoa alleviate use a hair dryer, especially the hot air that can harm hair, in addition to the use of broadband comb teeth made of plastic instead of metal comb or what is similar what hurts more hair. We also advise you cut your hair a little after birth, because that would bring life to him.
4. consult a skin doctor: If the hair Baltsaqt lasted six months after birth, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist to avoid hair loss and baldness. Doctor will analyze the hair with a microscope and describes the treatment centers for the prevention of precipitation.

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