Many parents are eagerly awaiting the stage of training their children to use the bathroom and give up nappy. But this task is not without some suffering, especially if the child needs longer than usual to get used to entering the bathroom. The reason may be not choosing the right time to train on it. Here in this article is the right time to train your child to enter the bathroom.


Assess your child's readiness

You should know that there is no specific age to start bathroom training, because each child is different. In general, the child is trained to use the bathroom between the ages of two and two and a half, and the biological age of bladder maturity is five years. Do not be under pressure from your family In terms of training your child, it is important to monitor the signs that your child is ready to start training, and do not start before.


Here are the signs that indicate your child's willingness to use the bathroom:


- The child does not stand up at night, the timing and timing of his or her discharge, and the survival of his diaper for at least two hours or after he wakes up from his sleep during the day, indicating that the bladder muscles have grown in a way that allows for urination and urine storage.


- The child is disturbed by the wet nappy, disturbed by it and not tolerated for a long time, in addition to his love for independence, and trying to wear his own clothes.


- The child's response to instructions and simple commands, and his answer to the questions of inquiry, asking him if he needs to change the diaper, or does he need to enter the bathroom.


- The child is able to feel a sense of prominence and diaper rash, such as going to a particular place or angle, or taking a position indicating the occurrence of the process of exit, or stop playing, as well as the news that he needs to change the diaper.


- Show the child interest in the bathroom, and what happens inside it by trying to enter it, or control who enters, and what to do.

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