Because bone growth at each children, sometimes suffers from excruciating pain in the legs, what makes them feel tired and hassle. And intense pain during the night and leads to sleep disorders. So what are the other reasons that result in pain legs when the kids and when it becomes necessary treatment?
Causes pain legs of the kids
In addition to the Bone growth
, There are several factors that cause the legs pain in children, including:
- Exposure to certain bruise while jogging or walking.
- Overweight, which causes pressure and weight on the legs.
- Incidence of rheumatic fever associated swelling in the joint and hinder movement.
Symptoms include pain in children legs tingling in front of Alfajz, region in area grocery legs and behind the knee. But the symptoms may vary depending on the situation of children. And intense pain during the night when the body is relaxed.
How to alleviate the pain
When heavy Erm, of L can take some action to mitigate it:
- Massage the area of ​​pain quietly
- Give a mild analgesic Kalpanadol
- Avoid aspirin for children that did not exceed 12 years
- Put warm compresses on the area of ​​pain
If you receive one of these symptoms, such as the intensification of pain and continuity through Daytime
, high degree heat, Leg swelling, muscle weakness leg, rash, loss of appetite mother should consult a doctor immediately to make some tests in order to confirm the absence of any serious medical condition and then determines treatment according to the situation of children.

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