Raising children and getting them to do many easy and simple things for adults is hard and needs a lot of calm. In this context, we learn how to best teach the child to enter the bathroom at night, easy and simple steps you can follow to get your child to go to the bathroom alone at night, and not urinating in bed.


The first step

In this context, it is important to inform parents if the child is ready to receive this information all about how to use the bathroom alone, and there are some signs that the parents should be alert to them, is to wake the child with a dry diaper the next day, or he is upset with Wet diapers during the night, waking his mother to change it. It is then easy to teach your child how to use the bathroom.


The second step

After making sure that the child is ready to use the bathroom at night, move on to the second stage where you are careful not to give fluids that you drink often in the evening or before going to sleep at an hour before bedtime. In this regard, so that this does not affect the amount to be drunk during the day of liquids, compensate for it by eating during the day, rather than the evening.


The third step

Next, start your task of getting your baby to go to the bathroom before going to sleep to prevent him from going to bed. To increase protection, use a simple radiator under the mattress on the bed to prevent urine from falling into bed if your baby urinates during sleep.


The fourth step

This step helps you to familiarize yourself with the baby in order to get into the bathroom in the evening, by waking up before your immortality to sleep in a nice way and ask him if he wants to get into the bathroom, and this way he gets used to urinating in the bathroom is necessary for him to wake up at night to use it.

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