Although back pain after birth may be a natural symptom experienced by many women, many may not know the reasons behind it. While many believe this is due to the needle being given in the prenatal back, doctors say the needle does not produce these results at all. Therefore, in this regard, we will provide all you need to know about the causes of back pain after birth and how to treat this problem.


Causes of back pain after childbirth

The main cause of back pain after birth is often due to pregnancy and mechanical and structural changes that have hit the spine in this period, especially that in pregnancy the size of the uterus expands, and with it weaken abdominal muscles and distort the way the mother's sitting, which puts additional pressure On the bottom of her back. This is without forgetting that the weight gained by pregnant women during the nine months will adversely affect the back.


And hormonal changes during pregnancy may lead to the relaxation of the ligaments and joints that connect the spine and pelvic bones. This may cause pain to the mother when sitting or walking or standing for a long time or when advancing from a low position or bending or picking things up.


Treatment of back pain after birth

There are many things that can help get rid of back pain after childbirth, perhaps the most prominent exercise gradually, which helps to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and increase flexibility, and here advises doctors to practice some simple sports such as walking, swimming or yoga, but after consulting the doctor.


When standing, the woman must maintain the integrity of her back, in addition to the need to pay attention to sit properly, especially when breast feeding the child.


The woman should also pay attention to the need not to carry anything heavier than the weight of the child, so as not to adversely affect the back, and the need to avoid bending down to pick up anything.

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