Spinal anesthesia is a single analgesic injection for the pain and faster than with Alaebedoral effect, a local anesthetic that is, he is numbingly large area of ​​the body with no impact on the rest. Both the spinal anesthesia or spinal injection Alaaedoral of the most effective in relieving labor pains styles, you get about 30 percent of the women on the spinal anesthesia or spinal or some kind of Alaebedoral injection during or after labor.


Why anesthesia migraine?

Migraine anesthesia is suitable for patients with heart and high blood pressure, asthma and respiratory diseases pressure especially smokers, but if the process was above the level of the navel, so the doctor avoids giving general anesthesia or by self is affected by any of the heart or respiratory tract.


In cases of birth, the doctor gives a half dose during the first stage of labor in the form of an injection Alabedioral, while the full dose shall be in the operating room, or given directly in the operating room if the birth by caesarean section.


When to use spinal anesthesia?

You can take anesthesia halves during the first stage of labor as part of Alaebedoral common migraine, anesthesia injection. It called spinal anesthesia which is used in this type of joint anesthesia myeloid mini uses a low dose of pain-killing drugs.


And given the full dose of spinal anesthesia only in anesthesia room or the operating room, and can be used if you have not already taken Aebedoral, or if it took an overdose of Alaebedoral syringe that was given to you.


Cases where spinal anesthesia

You may Tkhaddaan anesthesia migraine if:


- You Tkhaddaan for caesarean section planned.


- You need to undergo for the birth of subsidized, when the doctor used tools such as surgery or peat or hood forceps in order to help your child is born.


- Your doctor believes that your child may not be able to birth naturally and probably needs to be quickly born by Caesarean section.


- Suffered severe lacerations or episiotomy you need to and you want to get housing for the pain of any pole Algrzbad the birth of your child.


- Needed a doctor to manually remove the placenta from the uterus may occur because the placenta did not come out of the uterus after the birth of your child, or just part of it came out (placenta outstanding)


What are the benefits of spinal anesthesia?

If you Tkhaddaan a caesarean section, Vsajnbug spinal anesthesia or spinal need for general anesthesia. Then you'll be awake during the birth of your baby can be a companion in childbirth with you in the operating room.


You will be also more alert, and you get the best analgesic for pain, and less likely to feel nauseous than if you have had general anesthesia. After birth, you can carry your baby and breastfeed immediately. Your child will also be more alert than if you have had general anesthesia.


Another benefit of the spinal anesthesia or spinal that unlike Alaebedoral, can be given in a single injection with no need to keep the tube in your back. This provides a kind of anesthetic to ease pain quickly because it works within five or 10 minutes, which is faster compared Balaebedoral. The need mostly to the introduction of a catheter into the bladder for a shorter period than if you had taken Alaebedoral injection.


Damaged spinal anesthesia

Most damages are the same that they contain Alaebedoral syringe, includes additional damages for anesthesia migraine include:


- Short-term effect shall continue anesthesia myeloid mini between 60 to 90 minutes, while the full dose of it lasts about two hours.


- It is rare to be given more than once, unlike Alaebedoral, can not be returned or increasing the dose of spinal anesthesia.


- It may make you feel pruritus (itching or scratching), especially in sensitive areas such as the nose, lips, and can cause the common drugs used in spinal anesthesia with Alaebedoral, such as fentanyl, itchy feeling especially if given in high doses.


- There is little likelihood that Tsaba a severe headache, and cause the way it is given spinal anesthesia needle to pierce the bag filled with fluid which protects the spinal cord. If you spill some of this liquid, it may also have lost a severe headache. This possibility depends on the size and type of needle used in spinal anesthesia, but on average shows a headache in one case out of 500 is considered headaches when this hole occurrence of accidental more common than when using Alaebedoral injection (at a rate of one in every 100 cases) because the needle used to give an injection Alaebedoral be larger.


- It may take the demise of numbness in the lower part of your body four hours or even longer in the case of a full dose of spinal anesthesia, you may feel some twitching of the skin with the return of a sense of it, and this is considered normal.

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