Although the day insemination or fertilization, is considered the first day of pregnancy, the gestational age of the fetus or the account is not based on that day, because it is very difficult to know precisely when he fertilize an egg. Therefore, doctors calculate the gestational age of the first day of the date of the last menstrual cycle when a pregnant woman. How Omar fetus Thspin accurately?


The age of the fetus account in weeks

That way more correct and accurate and appropriate for you to calculate the age of your baby, is the account in weeks, because the length of a fixed weeks, while the months vary in length. If adopted this method, the full duration of pregnancy is 40 weeks, starting from the first day of your last period, ie 10 months. But if the referee month thirty days, so the then-month pregnancy.


It is essential that Taatnnbha to this matter, so as not to Ebagtk date of birth. You should note that not every 4 weeks is equivalent months, number of days of the month between 30 and 31 days, while the four weeks it is 28 days, ie you Stkhtian Every month two or three days, so the life of your unborn child, according to accounts, in the third month, for example, but it is actually a week 13 and not 12, then you are made a mistake in calculating the whole week, and when approaching your due date, you will be wrong three weeks to either increase or decrease.


Way doctors Account

Doctors divided pregnancy into three equal periods of time, each lasting three full months or 13 weeks. Doctors tend to calculate the number of days of the month as 28 days and not 30 or 31, even facilitate themselves and pregnant women calculation method, and in this way the number of months of pregnancy 10 months or 40 weeks, divided by 4, on the grounds that month, four weeks or 28 days.


What if I did not remember the first day of your course?

Do not worry if they do not remember the first day of your period, because the doctor can find out with great accuracy through the use of imaging ultrasound, where you can find out the age of the fetus by taking measurements of head circumference, and the device showing the age of the fetus based on these measurements. It can also be through these measurements to know the expected date of childbirth.

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