Birth carrying women without prior planning, but there is an increasing trend towards planning and good preparation for pregnancy. Planning is a good technique healthy positively affect you and the child the future, for example Planning helps you to quit bad habits and access to a suitable weight before pregnancy and create a body for this pregnancy. The second requires planning for pregnancy many physical and psychological preparations for the mother and pave the way for your child to the idea of ​​having a brother or sister to play with him and Tchougah the idea stage.


The most important physical and psychological preparations for the second pregnancy

First, prepare the idea of ​​getting another child understands it demands time and effort so that the mother is not surprised especially if it is your first baby is still small, so experts advise not to make a decision the second pregnancy before the three years are your child so that it is easier on the mother.


Second, to check on the mother in terms of health and the possibility of pregnancy without problems until the early detection of any problems and solve them quickly, Valtokd of reproductive health safety is important to quickly intervene if there was any problem.


Third, attention to nutrition, a healthy diet rich in vitamins and nutrients important, and foods that help to increase the fertility rate. It is important that to tracking health diets all the time, but it becomes a necessity when you decide pregnancy, removal of unhealthy foods and prevent its impact on important health for the safety of your body and carry a pregnancy on the one hand and the lack of transmission of the impact of unhealthy foods to Jenin also including harmful components.


Fourth, get away from the stress and tension as much as possible through the practice of various yoga Sports meditation, and getting enough sleep will be reflected on the overall health in general, Get 8 hours of sleep per day and Adjalleha at night and not sleep deep in the far away from any noise and the degree appropriate to the atmosphere temperature place .


Fifth, eat enough folic acid, and other vitamins important for public health.


Sixth, Take care of improving the fertility rates of different foods, and eat a different dairy products especially milk and yogurt, but choose the types of fat-free. You'll also need a lot of fruits and vegetables especially leafy vegetables and all that contains vitamin C and a lot of seafood, such as salmon, sardines and whole grains.


Seventh, remedial your digestive system, and more are affected by pregnancy is the digestive tract, has Taatardan for constipation or diarrhea, gas and some colon pain. Eat plenty of fiber-rich foods to prevent constipation or diarrhea, such as green leafy vegetables such as lettuce, watercress and others. Drink warm liquids and they are more than what relaxes the body and digestive system, whether from foods such as different types of soups like lentil soup or vegetables, or different warm drinks.


Eighth, Zori dentist, during pregnancy gums tend to bleed The teeth are affected due to lack of calcium, so it is important to ensure the health of your teeth before pregnancy.

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