As the date of birth lot of changes occur in a woman's body, including the contractions you feel that increases with the birth approaching, and colic does not always mean that what you feel is the birth contractions may be just a normal contractions in this period.


How do I distinguish natural contractions during pregnancy?

Natural contractions in pregnant start from mid-pregnancy, are far apart and become more painful with the progress of pregnancy and labor, women approaching Vtzn it has come the time of birth. Natural contractions in pregnant lasts for 20 to 30 seconds at the most.


It is worth noting that the natural contractions may stop now and then and Taaodk you have any movement while the colic birth does not even stop the onset of labor.


It is important that you learn during a natural feel cramping pain in the lower abdomen while cramping pain during childbirth begins at the bottom of the back and moving to the lower abdomen.


What are the advantages of colic in the ninth month of birth?

When you begin the process of labor are uterine contractions regularly with a pain that knows colicky birth, and these contractions regularly to occur between 15 minutes to 20 minutes, and be pregnant uncomfortable and accompanied by a little pain, it can be sure the carrier of this is the contractions associated with the occurrence of Born by placing her hand on her stomach and will find it hard-headed, and these contractions continue for about 40 seconds or more while the natural contractions of the uterus, as we mentioned last for 20 seconds to 30 seconds only.


The women feel with this uncomfortable as colic and colic socializing with little pain. To be sure your cramps are contractions of birth is enough to put your hand on your belly and you will feel that it is extremely rigid. The holder can be sure of colic type by drinking herbs that work to get rid of natural colic is colic birth such as salvia drink, and therefore if the colic stops. So this is not a colic birth while if continued occurrence of colic after a drink salvia be the beginning of labor and pregnant Contact Special Btabebha directly.

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