I do not know a lot of people that rheumatism is one of the immune system, which has a negative impact on various parts of the body, which leads to chronic inflammation in the joints and tissues, causing swelling and severe pain for the patient illnesses. And this goes back to a defect in the device when the people instead of the body from bacteria or viruses that attack the body's protection misses the immune system to attack the tissue within the joints and other organs such as the lungs, skin, eyes, heart, blood vessels, leading to erosion of bone abnormalities in the joints. Because of the pain left by the body, patients are always looking for ways to cure rheumatism and this is what will help them in this thread.


The treatment of rheumatism


There are many treatments that can be patient rheumatism resort to in an effort to cure rheumatism, but it is even time there is no cure is working to end the disease entirely and perhaps the most notable painkillers and steroids, as well as teaching the patient to follow new methods to carry out daily activities, and the use of assistive devices to reduce the effort and pressure on the joints and bones.


In terms of the methods of treatment of rheumatism there are three natural ways to treat this problem, including:


- Physical therapy: This type of treatments on full rest, massage and parties, and exercise that fit the body, with the mitigation of excess weight. Hence, experts stress the need to start this treatment early and regularly to achieve the best results in terms of maintaining the extent of the detailed and strength of muscle movement, which contributes to the prevention of deformities. This is not to forget that physical therapy helps to strengthen the muscles of the back and breathing muscles, in addition to working on the resistance and stiffness to prevent his appearance.


- Drug therapy: This therapy to deal with anti-inflammatory, and anti-rheumatism, which can be according to specific prescription, and several studies have suggested that malaria medicines to help ease the symptoms of rheumatism as well as some of the medicines containing the Alchortozon.


- Surgical treatment: case is diagnosed by specialist doctors and conduct laboratory and clinical tests that help determine the patient's need for surgery, and is considered the last types of treatments that can be resorted to in an effort to get rid of the problems of rheumatism treatment.

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