Constitute the vast pores source of concern for many and threaten your beauty and can also contribute to the emergence of other problems such as acne, blackheads, especially in people with oily skin. Also, prolonged exposure to the sun contributes to the open pores because the sun damage the collagen, which reduces the flexibility of the walls of the pore channels. Fmsam extensive skin of the problems faced by female and mixed oily skin where the cause oils secreted by the skin and dust in the air in filling the pores, which makes it look more spacious than its true size. Typically this problem bar you can enjoy pure and bright heroine.


In this article, we offer the most important benefits of the snow to narrow the wide pores.


The reasons for the emergence of large-pore

Annoys girls emergence of wide pores in the skin, because they are likely to collect dust, show problems such as acne and black heads or pimples, and the reasons for the emergence of wide pores in the skin:


- Direct and constant exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays, causing widening the size of the pores of the skin over time, and loss of skin sufficient flexibility, to break the collagen in the skin

- Old age, which breaks up the proteins that nourish the skin

- Non-unite skin color

- The lack of freshness face

- Acne

- The appearance of wrinkles

- Dry skin or increase Dhniha


Snow and benefits to narrow the wide pores

Cold water public and private works on snow clogged pores, and all you have is should use ice cube and Tdlki skin him for two minutes, and if you are using a snow on your body Wash your body with hot water to open the pores and then shut the pores with cold water.


Fmekbat snow are simple and effective ways to reduce the size of large-pore because an effect on skin tightening. Often you can use to limit the wide pores before applying make-up, where it activates blood circulation and improve skin health.


How to use the snow for effective results

Wrap the national number of ice cubes in a clean cloth and leave on your skin for 15 to 30 seconds and repeat it several times a day and you can reduce the number of times once you feel better or replacement by washing the face with water ice cold once a day.


Zeya and the effectiveness of this method you can make ice cubes of cucumber or apple or green tea or rose water and juice.


General tips to help you to narrow pores of your face

You can do several things to help you get rid of the pores wide face, namely:


- Use a lotion deep cleaning to wash your skin twice a day, especially if you are a female oily skin

- Keep the moisture of your skin, so you do not have skin to secrete more fat, and therefore bloom pores more

- I passed cubes of ice on your skin for three minutes a day, Valbroodh working to catch skin

- If you want to work a steam bath, or clean your face with steam, rinse with cold water after that, because the heat opens the pores

- Make a mask with honey and lemon, and class on your skin for twenty minutes, then rinse with warm water

- Make sure the peeling skin twice a week to remove the fat, and dirt, and the accumulated cells, which works to fill the pores, partially or completely, whereupon the skin expansion to be able to take out secretions glands related

- Avoid exposure to the sun, because it reduces the flexibility of the skin, by breaking down collagen, and thus relaxes the walls of the channels in the skin, or what is known Palmsamat, becomes wider

- Wipe your skin of cloth moistened with cold water rose after cleaning and washing your skin, and before going to sleep, Vme roses doing toner

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