Wrinkles are the first signs of aging and the most important causes of aging and frequent exposure to the sun without putting the necessary protection to stay in the sun for long periods of time and lack of attention to skin. Moreover, fatigue, fatigue and lack of sleep and traffic conditions difficult psychological or follow a harsh diet.


But the problem is that the existing wrinkles around the eye is usually experienced by young people, because the surface layer of the skin begins to show wear with age, but sometimes no age requirement for the appearance of wrinkles around the unwanted eye for so-called premature wrinkles. That's why you take care of a private skin skin around the eye to fight and the fight against wrinkles and delay their appearance as much as possible so it is advisable not to stay for long periods in front of TV or computer screens and not to ensure long.


To remove wrinkles around the eye


olive oil:

Is the best oils to massage the skin and a good source of antioxidant like vitamin "A" is the best oils to massage the skin and a good source of antioxidant like vitamin "A & E", "that fight harmful skin radicals rub around your eyes with olive oil to moisturize, repair and renewal of cells in the skin because it penetrates deeply It provides long protection.



Fenugreek is rich in vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed by the body and helps in the treatment of wrinkles and fine lines Soak fenugreek seeds in water for 12 hours and grind the seeds soaked into the shape of my dough paste on your face and Kha_khash the wrinkles around your eyes and wash your face with water that is boiled by seeds when cooling oil or class ring on wrinkles and fine lines.


Aloe Vera:

This plant contains malic acid and helps to reduce wrinkles by improving skin elasticity Astkhrgi gel from aloe vera leaves and put it on your face and wrinkles on the area and leave for 15 to 20 minutes then rinse with lukewarm water.

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