Kidney failure is a condition in which tissue damaged both Alcletan.ooarad renal failure leading to restrict or stop kidney activity. Among other things lead to damage to the body's ability to maintain the fluid in the body and regulate pressure and kidney Dam.ulfhl is not a disease in itself, but the final outcome of many diseases that infect the urinary tract and which remain neglected treatment or is the phenomenon of the patient and referring doctors specialists to be behind 40 percent of kidney failure disease diabetes and high blood pressure Luckily the two diseases easily control them and thus prevent kidney failure.


Symptoms of kidney failure

Symptoms of kidney failure from someone different to another and the symptoms depend on the cause of renal failure may not show any symptoms at all in some cases may be diagnosed change in kidney function in someone when undergoing blood tests for some reason or disease Akhar.uchml infection developed symptoms:


- A significant shortfall in the production of urine


- Nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite


- Feeling sleepy is natural and it must be noted that the confusion and sleepiness preceding coma in patients who are not being treated


- Ache aching head and down to the headaches


- Swelling of the legs with an accumulation of fluid


- In addition, mental changes such as fatigue, agitation, confusion and mood swings may appear.


The most important factors that cause the symptoms of kidney failure

Landing the sudden flow of blood in the kidneys, which is one of the most common reasons leading to the injury of kidney failure occurs landing as a result of excessive bleeding, blood was often happens during surgery or trauma, or severe drought or having a heart attack Moreover, eating causing inflammatory renal or taking drugs that are toxic to the kidneys medicine after a complex surgical procedures and failure in liver function and continuous rise in blood pressure.

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