Some medical studies have revealed that children who belong to the parents were diagnosed with cancer at a later age are more susceptible to the disease despite what previously believed that the disease is genetically transmitted to family members through the genes Almobeih not transmitted to their children if the disease was pregnant with aging.


Is cancer hereditary?

The risk of developing hereditary cancer exists, even if injured by the parents at the age of 70 or 80 here can family warn of the risks that may be exposed to members of the family of the types of genetic cancer to take precautions to limit their own risk. This risk increased when some cancers types such as colon and rectum, lung, breast and prostate cancer, urinary bladder and skin cancer and lymphoma cancer.


Some studies genetic cancer determines that follow the date of such families and the history of people with cancer Albulastomo networking This disease shows one of two ways, or an inherited disease or by pure chance without relationship hereditary Some individuals transferred the disease to their children and some do not, because the disease appears in the form of small tumors If they are not handled correctly, it may turn into cancerous tumors fatal.


Breast cancer and genetics

Breast cancer is a disease of the most common diseases among women has been shown that there is a document bin breast cancer relationship and move Manuel d hereditary. 20% of women who suffer from breast cancer in their families, their members are infected with the same disease disease, especially the relatives of the first degree. In addition to all of the other relationship linking breast cancer and other types of dangerous cancers such as cancers of the ovary. So the very prevention of women and commitment to the annual medical inspection to detect early any tumor may appear.

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