Security concept applies only to protection from malicious programs as the mobile security of the term portable consists of the advantages of privacy, allowing applications and block each other and taking the backups in the event of breaking the phone and set up a black list of contacts is desirable and in addition to encryption features and control of parents and featuring Android being an operating system extremely flexible and easy to deal with all these challenges if you choose the right security application from Google However, there are a number of suitable options missing.



This is the most dangerous applications because it allows the child to chat with other users in the area surrounding your also allows users to exchange and dissemination of secrets and chatted freely while ensuring strict confidentiality of certain sensitive files which is dangerous because a lot of kids may be tempted to communicate with strangers and the feeling that their secrets are safer with them, which may be with their friends, which is the application of risk to the safety of the child.



All users in the application unidentified identity you do not need to create any definition or account file, however they can add comments that access to the nearest 500 people on the five-mile from where the source of any unknown person who sent it, as school can turn into a chat virtual room where anyone can put a short comment and noted immediately by all users in the region.


Alternative service

Is the exchange of letters Kalnsos Service and images to be Alrsalha without being recorded in the history of the phone which is dangerous to the child because it makes it easy for your child to talk with strangers without your knowledge and that it goes beyond the short messaging services as well as it could to strangers send a friend request to your child, and before that a child may expect In trouble.


Snap Chat

This application allows the child to take pictures or video and make it available to the recipient for a specific time after the end of this time, and the child can exaggerate and trusted application and send sensitive content because this application make him feel that he can post their photos personal without consequences, and these images are exposed self-destruction this is a mistake because the whole recorder.

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