The first month of your baby's life is more important to have, in addition to the need for affection and love, also needs attention and good care of you. It may be difficult for you in the beginning, especially now that you're either for the first time, but with time have you used on the new task. So we give you in this article, all you have to know him for child care in the first month.



You attention feeding your baby either breast feeding or bottle feeding, to complete the growth properly. But preferably it should be doing Bardall because the mother's milk is best for the child in the first phase. Breastfeeding enhances immunity against the disease, and strengthens the link between you and him.


Bbcherth Care

You have to take care of your child and a good bath Tmutira, but the water is too hot. And while taking a bath, but be careful of entering the water in his ears or eyes. And use the children's soap, To prevent occurrence of allergic Bbcherth. And make sure to massage the child's body after every bath a special moisturizer, Valtdlak helps to relax and calm the child and help him in the long sleep.


the umbilical cord

Many mothers feel scared when seeing the navel of the child for the first time, and the task of Astassabn cleaned. You must first clean up your hands before touching your child, wipe the navel special disinfectant prescribed by your doctor. Nor Telmusa umbilical cord before falling on its own. If you see a mild bleeding blood when scanning the navel area Palmtehr, do not be afraid, it is normal, but if bleeding does not stop, you should contact your doctor immediately.


Aortic nappy

Dissection of the causes of nappy, is the survival Balhfad wet or dirty for a long time, which leads to friction stool your baby's skin, and lead to the undimmed. Treat dissection immediately so as not to develop into a serious matter. And you have to change a nappy for your baby until the child regularly stays clean. And leave your baby without a diaper for as long as possible to make the air to accelerate the healing process.



The colic of the problems facing the new mother, as well as her first three months. And it will look on your child's discomfort during Mgs, and cry from the intensity of colic. Here, you massage your baby's belly warm oil, deemed to be a massage of the most ways that calms the child. You can also your baby on his back, put his feet and constipation, and dissuade them gently towards the abdomen, helping to derail this movement of gases. And also raise your child to burp after every feed.

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