To give birth in her winter preparations may be a private date of your birth in the winter and cold may pose some concern when the couple.


For to give birth in the winter, there are special things to think about as the mother and that there are special things the child you reserve for this matter before the date of birth.


Mother precautions in winter

Must be heating your body and your baby's body heating, which is not a difficult task in the winter, they are much easier to cool it in summer. And act as birth normally to raise the body temperature, as well as feeding and thus in the summer or the pregnant mother feel much more heat-while in winter can act more freedom and comfort.


In winter the mother reduces the out of the house or meet friends and establish celebrations and others because the weather is not appropriate and so do you keep on your health and your baby's health until the spring so you are may be used to his presence with you in your life and will have Enlarge little bear good weather in the spring is not exposed to any From the deseases. And we need at this time to lose weight after pregnancy and childbirth. In winter Tsttaan walk in the morning and have a better atmosphere warm and wonderful this that you have to take care of your child at this time.


Born ready in winter

Order the bag for the hospital at the beginning of Shahrak IX, and must always be drawn from cold injury woes that affect you, especially after childbirth and during lactation.


Of granulated in this period eat healthy cuisine because it is in the habit of eating abound mother just because their presence in the house for a long time so careful to control your appetite and selection of appropriate food and necessary things.

You must keep the newborn baby warm in his bed in his own room at least the first two months in addition to the processing of a child's room to be warm and free of moisture.

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