رThe date of birth during the ninth month of pregnancy can not be determined Msbaka.kma base confirms the date of birth when pregnant no special if a pregnant woman give birth to her first child any No formula calculates this date, but there are signs of the approaching date of birth or the birth imminent but there are simple markers enable the carrier from advance knowledge of their own.


Fall to the bottom of the abdomen form

Any child that settles at the bottom of the tub ready for labor or birth and then feel pregnant by pressing on the bladder because of the baby's weight and posture and that's what makes the pregnant woman visiting the bathroom times in a row, but some do not feel it here and there are two cases:


The first case, the child may take this situation any descends to the lower abdomen at any time of Alarbaosabia that precedes labor in the second case the child has taken this position just before the time of birth a few hours.


Cervical dilation

Here uterus begins to widen in preparation for childbirth in this case do not feel pregnant clearly this brand, but when you visit the doctor during internal testing and rotating in recent weeks, then your doctor will tell you by widening with each examination by.


Signs near the time of birth

Continuous pain in the lower abdomen and the back.


- The feeling of severe cramps in the pelvic area.


- A feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen.


- Increased vaginal secretions oblique to the color brown or mixed with blood.


- Occurrence of contractions and spasms in the pelvic area Ktqlsat descent of the menstrual cycle.


- Inability to sleep naturally and disturbances during the night.


- Difficulties and the inability to breathe properly and well.


- Fluctuations in mood and Asbahouhdot strain in the abdominal area to become more solid and tight.


- In the end, all of these signs are not the only indicator of the due date and there is no known specific time for the birth but if the water sac that encases the child in the womb, you go quickly burst hospital after contact competent doctor.

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