Although mothers may Atojsn of feeding children, for fear of not being able to give children the required nutrition and Alvitamnaat you need, but many doctors argue that the matter may not need a lot of concern being very similar to food adult, taking into account some of the simple things. Hence, we will give you in this thread all you need to know about proper nutrition for children from birth to school entry.


Proper nutrition for children after birth

This Almrkhalh may be one of the easiest stages in the child's diet, as it relies on its food only on breastfeeding, whether natural or industrial, and thus the mother's milk contains all the nutrients needed by the child at this stage, and works to strengthen immunity, and the artificial milk contain All the ingredients needed by the child.


Proper nutrition for children after the age of six months

What the child of the sixth month, so start eating solid foods. In this age becomes a mother is not enough milk, and needs to other foods with breast milk, and these are called complementary foods foods, and start adding these foods to your baby's diet, especially cooked cereal well such as rice, vegetables boiled and mashed as potatoes and squash, and fruit mature and well-mashed bananas and apples.


Proper nutrition for children after the second year

This phase is very important because the child become a more active and movement, and therefore food turn into the most important way to grow especially as he can at this stage eating foods covered by the adults in the family, but only to be balanced and contain all the important nutrients.

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