It is not limited to changes in women in their shape and body, only on pregnancy, but may extend beyond birth. Among the most common are these changes sagging abdomen, which is a troublesome thing for women and puzzled how they can get rid of these contouring. What are the causes of sagging belly? And how you can get rid of it? Tabaana in this article to find out the answer.


Causes abdominal Atralat

Abdominal Lift occur after pregnancy and childbirth as a result of the relaxation of the front abdominal muscles, and stretch the skin over it. This contouring back down to a large degree after six months after the birth, but it may not disappear entirely in some women, regardless of their mode of delivery. Must moms not to expedite the disposal of contouring. In case the natural childbirth must wait two months the mother or three months, while if the birth caesarean section, it is necessary to wait for a period of four months, if I rushed the mother to remove her stomach, it hurt itself dramatically, because her body is still weak, and restore the strength required to wait for a certain period.


Tummy Tuck

Exercise: women need to get rid of cellulite that pulls her stomach, and do not get it except through some exercises focused on this region, including the stomach exercises, practice of these exercises 10 times a day as the beginning of the then 20 help tighten the abdominal muscles.


Linking the abdomen: to get rid of abdominal contouring you can link some mixtures. Winding through the abdomen bond contains certain herbal ingredients. There are several useful mixtures including cinnamon mooring and snow, it helps to tighten tissues and balance the metabolism, as well as its role in the removal of toxins from the body. You can massage the abdominal area with some natural oils, mixing a little oil, jasmine, cloves, ginger, it helps to tighten the abdomen and burning the accumulated fat.


Drink lemon mixture and cumin: This mixture helps to tighten the skin and muscles. And the burning of accumulated fat in the abdomen.

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