Lemon salt is an organic substance extracted from citrus plants, is produced through the fermentation of some of the material, thus isolating them in the form of granular crystals, has other names such as citric or citric acid, and is characterized by taste sour sour, so it is used in many areas, it is lemon is known that salt has many benefits and many uses, where it is used as a treatment for skin problems, as it is added to the food, because it contains some vitamins are beneficial for the body, such as vitamin E.


Lemon salt numerous skin care benefits

Lemon salt has many cosmetic uses of the most important skin care is sometimes Huskers for the skin to clean and remove dead by the cells is used, as it is also used for pedicures through lighten pores and softening and peeling, by soaking the feet in a solution of warm water and salt lemon water but before the Valuation cum on your skin, you must ensure that there is no allergy to citric acid, and citric salt sometimes enters in the composition of some cosmetics and Kalshambohat Makecrat skin.


What are the uses of plastic lemon salt?

Salt lemon lots of uses esthetic, most notably:

- Processing lemon salt skin problems from acne and pimples, dark spots and gives the skin freshness, that makes it look beautiful.


- Is used in whitening the knees, elbows, put a little bit of lemon juice with a little lemon salt in addition to the workshop of sodium bicarbonate and pinch of salt, before the operation, half an hour Brush elbows with olive oil, then Afrckehm & Nuts, and keep on rubbing for a quarter of an hour, then wash area water, then Nschwaha Rdobaha and creams.


- Eliminates the smell of sweat, Bring a small pack my situation where a little bit of water and a bit of lemon salt, then Reigna well, Bring Qatanna and Agamsaha the solution, and wipe out your arms, and repeat the process every two days will go away the smell of sweat.


Make sure these steps VPL use lemon salt!

Before you can use lemon salt you'll be sure of:


- That do not have the sensitivity of its components, or any other type of allergy, but more caution You should consult your pharmacist or doctor.


- That you are not pregnant, as the lemon salt hurt during pregnancy, so you use it in very small quantities, after consulting a doctor.


- If you suffer from low calcium or high blood pressure or heart problems such as arrhythmia, heart failure, should be minimized lemon salt, and prefers not to be used only under the supervision of a physician supervisor for your condition.

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