She suffers a lot of people, especially women from the problem of oily skin that lead to breakouts treatment, black spots and there is a continuous fatty secretions. This type of skin much affected by the external environment, and the stress and exposure to pressure increases the secretion of fat, blisters appear and grains white heads.


Ways fatty skin care


- The skin clean fatty fundamental question every morning, it is best not to use detergents that contain chemicals, but replaced natural materials, which will help to get rid of the fat and works to cleanse the skin and restore its freshness.


- The frequent use of soap peeling facial helps to excrete more fat, and therefore do not rely on it as a solution to your problem.


- The removal of cosmetics for the face before going to sleep helps you avoid oily skin problems. It is better to use a hot Almia in the event of a severe fatty secretions, because they operate at depths pores clean and remove fat from them. When you're washing your face and before you put make-up of the best moist-free olive oil, exclusively for oily skin.


- The most appropriate method for washing the face is through massage your face in a circular motion that helps move the blood into cells. Wash your face lukewarm water and then cold water as much as possible. _khassa For drying your face soft towel, and the pressure on the skin.


- Drink water as much as you can, because that reduces the secretions of the skin, and that exercise helps in sweating and output are all secretions.


- Stay away from food rich Baldehnaat because they are harmful for oily skin and Astbdlleha with fresh vegetables and fruits.

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