Need Caesarean birth to some of the preparations that precede them and that create them. One of these preparations that a pregnant woman should do is to abstain from eating food. Why fasting by caesarean section? Get to know the reason for this article.

When should refrain from eating?

Once an appointment cesarean section, the doctor will tell you of the need to refrain from eating and drinking for at least 12 hours before the date of caesarean section. According to doctors of obstetrics and anesthesiologists, it must not eat pregnant or drink before the Caesarean section at least 6 to 12 hours, to make sure that the stomach and digestive tract and bladder empty before giving anesthesia, whether half or whole.

Why fasting before the operation?


The main reason of fasting before the surgery is to prevent the contents of pulmonary aspiration of stomach fact that the patient is under general anesthesia. Although the amount of 30 to 40 ml of the suction may be a major cause of suffering and death during the operation. For this patient fasts for reducing the size of the stomach contents to the fullest extent possible. There are several factors that can make a patient vulnerable to suction the stomach contents, including inadequate anesthesia, pregnancy, obesity, and difficult airway tract, and emergency surgery, and a full stomach and gastrointestinal change machine movement. Fasting also leads to prolonged contraction of injury in the event of suction.


In the case of pregnancy or caesarean section, the refrain from eating before surgery helps prevent some serious complications in the procedure during the birthing process, most notably vomiting during or after the operation. The danger of vomiting in the possibility of inhalation and returning to the lungs during anesthesia, threatening the life of the mother, if not remedied in time Almnasbejb abstain also from smoking or alcohol, to be the last meal fasting hours before, light and healthy, and not substantial or containing food Hot.

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