Green tea is one of the most health and body as it contains useful drinks from the benefits are endless. This tea is used as a cure for many diseases for a long time and the most important uses of weight reduction and improved mental activity because it contains caffeine, and improve the level of cholesterol in the body As for WEIGHT LOSS Green Vahaa the subject of a broad and too large to show that green tea is effective in breaking down grease and loss of abdominal fat.
Diet Green Tea
To lose weight using green tea you have to follow these simple steps that rely on drinking four cups of green tea every day are as follows:
Cup of green tea in the morning: that drinking green tea hot or cold is a great way to wake up in the morning and do this Alojeraly stimulate fat burning. As it contains antioxidants work to strengthen the immune system. There are some studies that support the idea of ​​drinking green tea cold because it can help you burn more calories in the body, because the latter uses some energy and calories to heat up the tea.
Drink a cup of green tea before breakfast:

Before eat breakfast should drink a cup of green tea in addition to the benefits the many, drinking two cups of it before eating helps you feel full and thus the amount of food intake in the breakfast will go down and through the rest of the day and you care to eat breakfast because it helps to increase metabolism and metabolic processes .
Cup of green tea before lunch:
Drink the third cup of green tea before lunch also helps to burn fat and give a feeling of fullness and it helps to eat a small amount of food and the usual meal.
Cup of green tea before dinner:
Finally drink a cup of green tea before dinner in the evening because it will help give you the same Almazia as in other meals.

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