The beginning of pregnancy new and unfamiliar for both mother despite the fact that these pains may be annoying when the lady and unobtrusive when another lady experience pain. This pain may be troublesome enough to deal with it as a warning that there something wrong, but he actually normal and occurs when many of women who become pregnant and be a pain in the abdomen as a result of delays in the passage of the menstrual cycle no more than 30 days, almost the interruption, the first signs of the baby began composed.
The beginning of pregnancy pains
You'll notice that your body is strongly influenced and places in your body usually does not bother you now, and as soon as you touch it, especially in the chest became the area hurts and logged in to the bathroom will increase greatly and the amount of urine will increase significantly to the point that the worry of sleep intrusive to Alhamam.ama colic that you feel before the session may feel pain in the first pregnancy with bleeding slightly and its attendant problems in eating either Tnqtaan for eating or increasing the amount of eating the ordinary rate is usually in some cases may suffer from an aversion to certain foods that you do like and reject, or drinks, for example, coffee and derivatives. May also exercise the problem of dizziness, vomiting, nausea, and increased when pregnant in the first period, the desire to sleep and frequent pain in the skin sometimes, especially in the abdominal area.
Sometimes you feel pregnant pain in the back so you should avoid standing for long periods or even sitting for long periods and also avoid situations or sudden and erroneous Aharakat especially those which places more weight on your back Kaltqat stuff from the earth. Preferably at bedtime sleep on one side with a pillow between the thighs supportive or between the knees it also relieves muscle twitch, and a lot of pain that you may encounter when you wake up.

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