We approached the winter and its attendant diseases, especially Alanfolenza and colds. How can the holder to face this thing without drugs, fearing for the fetus from damage or abnormalities may get him? Here in this article alternatives to medications, which can be helpful for the treatment of colds.


It can not replace medicine to treat colds only natural herbs that are considered safe, but before that you have to Tmutira to follow a balanced diet that includes plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, which gives you the vitamins and minerals that keep you from diseases. And you have to Tkthrey intake of fluids like water and citrus juices or light soup.

Ginger, lemon and honey

Ginger is boiled with lemon juice and honey of the most effective treatments against the common cold. Experts say that ginger is characterized as containing materials have the ability to rid the body of mucus. You can also eat ginger with garlic and lemon, to treat the flu, sore throat, tonsillitis, and that eating ginger and cinnamon contribute to the reduction of body temperature during fever.


Eating tamarind syrup is useful in reducing colds. Drinking cups of it a day at a rate of a cup after breakfast and another after lunch. But not recommended Indian Dates for those who suffer from low blood pressure.

habat al Baraka

Nigella sativa is the resistance from elements of many diseases, including the common cold, which increases the strength of the immune system. You can take advantage of them by bringing a cup of beans cumin and add them to the boiling water, and then boiled the head cover and steam inhalation. Can be used Nigella sativa oil drops in the nose.


Garlic contains the active ingredient against the common cold, to prevent colds and helps in faster recovery in the event of illness. And become more effective at breaking clove garlic, fresh Valthom when crushed or Faramh is stronger than dried garlic or garlic oil.

Vitamin c

Vitamin C helps in relieving the symptoms of the common cold by 20%. We must not Tkthrey the intake of supplements containing vitamin A during the cold, he handled Hptin of orange is enough to give you a daily need of this vitamin. The overindulge in these supplements may adversely affect the health of the kidneys and causes strong pain in the stomach.

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