Loss of appetite and not eat could threaten human life, if this condition persists for a long time without treatment. In this article physiotherapy to open the appetite.

The causes of anorexia

Some disorders may become infected when you eat, you know anorexics, and its causes are divided between:

- Psychological factor such as anxiety, depression and stress.

- The small size of the stomach, which does not accept large amounts of food.

- Some drugs that lose their appetite.

- Obsessive-compulsive disorder.

- The first weeks of pregnancy.

The symptoms of anorexia is represented losing weight dramatically and the accompanying dryness in the skin, constipation and general weakness.

Ways to open the appetite

To get rid of the problem of loss of appetite and opens, advised the following:

-tnol Fruit before eating Thirty minutes later.

- Eat small multiple meals a day, divided into three main meals instead. You can eat healthy snacks during the day through a set of favorite snacks in places that are frequently used.

- Drinking citrus juices, oranges and lemons.

- Eating onions and garlic understanding of the most prominent types of eating savory.

- Stay away from stress and anxiety.

- Exercise that activate the body and lead to a feeling of hunger. The walk for half an hour before a meal enough to stimulate the appetite.

- Adding Spices to high food for their ability to open the appetite.

- Do not drink water during and before eating, because it loses notify you of satiety and appetite.

- Reduce the intake of fiber it makes a person feel fuller quickly.

- Avoid eating alone, and can take advantage of eating with friends, where the weather will be fun or when watching TV.

- Because of their large saucers can use bright colored or the impact of psychological and psychiatric.

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