Most people suffer from bad breath what causes them embarrassment when mixing in society. It may also lead to a psychological problem, leading to isolation and inwardness. Halitosis has notably due to the accumulation of bacteria from food scraps, neglect and lack of attention to hygiene and oral health, and may be caused by a medical condition. In any case we will give you some tips on how to get rid of bad breath.

Ways to get rid of bad breath

To get rid of the smell must follow the following matters:

Cleaning teeth

Accumulate bacteria from food debris between the teeth that leads to the emergence of mouth odor, so the appropriate brushing their teeth twice a day or after meals, it is necessary to get rid of bacteria. You can also use the thread to get rid of the lingering remnants of food between the folds of the teeth. And everyday use lye, which eliminates bacteria in the mouth. And it must be dealt with gingivitis, if any.

Cleaning the tongue

The tongue surface composition is involved in the stench of the mouth, including the addition dead cells and food leftovers and bacteria. Therefore it is necessary to clean the rough surface of the tongue using custom brush to clean the tongue until the inflammation is not formed on its surface.

Keep the throat moist

Dry mouth would be contributing to the stench. So you must continuously moisturize the throat by drinking water and juices, especially in the summer. In addition, the juices containing vitamin C, prevents bacteria and thus be the smell of the mouth. It can also chewing gum that increases the secretion of saliva, which cleans the mouth. You can also use sprays that are found in pharmacies, which operate to remove the odor temporarily It is a mouth freshener with different flavors.


Peppermint pills can be used to get rid of the odor temporarily. But these pills do not kill the bacteria in the mouth. Also, some of these pills contain sugar within the components, and it will be the biggest catalyst for bacteria to work actively to create a stink. Also, peppermint pill will not be effective if the stench of the mouth caused by the intake of certain therapeutic drugs.


It helps to drink a cup of green tea to get rid of bacteria and odors, as it resists decay. Also, drinking drenched cinnamon a day before going to sleep, it helps maintain the moisture of the mouth. Besides, the chewing mint leaves or parsley has a positive effect on the smell of the mouth.

Besides herbs, milk curd can help get rid of the bacteria that cause bad odor, because it contains yeasts.

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