Is the cry when the kids behavioral problem that must be addressed. Some parents may resort to the wrong ways to deal with their children's frequent crying, which leads to negative results reflected their personalities and their actions. Therefore, it is important to deal with the child's crying a lot calmly and rationally and follow the style Alhawwar.this article explains you how to deal with the child's crying a lot.

  How do you act as a mother if your child is crying a lot?  

The first thing you should know that parents surrender and indulgence with the crying baby is the kind of hyper-cuddle, which leads to sabotage it and do not obey orders, and a reason for the weakness of his character. The child was crying exploits to blackmail his parents to achieve what he wants because he is accustomed to this medium.

Here's a mother some steps that will help you cope with the crying baby:

  - If the baby crying motivated to achieve goals only, not give up or Trdkha him for whatever reason and whatever increased crying or long because it will root in his mind that crying is an effective way.  

-If You have rejected his request Tguenaah why you made to the rejection, and do any alternative. If I refused to watch television, you, in turn, allow your orders him to do another, such as drawing or coloring or playing.   - Tjahli cry so restless. And evaluating Ptobejh or yell at him in front of others, so get used to his behavior or crying can not affect the decision.  

- Try to distract attention from crying during a game or distracts his favorite TV show.   - Speak with a quiet manner and flexible and try to explain to him that his behavior is bad and to ask what he wants without crying and screaming.   - Amidhah and Encourage him when acting in good way in front of others because this would make him feel responsibility and increases self-confidence and give up stubbornness while to understand that he does not lead to a result.

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