It is necessary to follow a healthy diet and exercise and distinctive activities that are beneficial for weight loss and thinness and today through this article will answer your question how thinner?

  Determine mealtime

  It is important to determine mealtimes and not divided into multiple meals and must eat slowly and in which the habit of the most important habits of the thinnest and lose weight properly without the loss of vitamins and minerals from the body.  

Importance of sleep  

The extra hours of sleep during the night helps to drop to about 8 kilometers per year and this, according to a study conducted by the University of Michigan because sleep less than 7 hours contributes to weight gain.

Eating vegetables in abundance

  Eating more fruits and vegetables is a great way to lose weight because they contain high fiber and water that fills the stomach would receive the body on fewer calories.  

Reduce sugar intake

  It is important for the thinnest reducing sugars and replace sugary soft drinks with water hence the person avoids about 10 teaspoons of sugar a day and starts penile slim they want without diet.   Drinking green tea   The man wanted to start thinness without diet he should drink green tea, this it increases the speed of burning calories in the body, of course, without increasing the sugar to tea.  

Playing sports

  Sport is the most important solutions used for weight loss in a healthy and fast it is important to exercise in a healthy way without human hardens on himself. Suffice it to exercise who wants to lose weight daily walk for half an hour, at least in the morning and after a while begins to increase time with access to brisk walking and light running to sports that are working on the muscles of the division after the loss of fat from the body.

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