Sluggishly infected human thyroid gland, or what is known as low thyroid activity when the body is no longer able to get a sufficient amount of thyroid hormone. The thyroid hormone controls the speed of the interaction processes inside the body Kaltgm in a fast heartbeat, and the ability of man to work actively and strength. It is noteworthy that women are more likely than men to develop thyroid sluggishly, especially transgresses them fifty years.
The causes of hypothyroidism

To idle thyroid many reasons, including:

- Injury Balhashimutw: Alhashimutw is a disease of immune deficiency result in infection to allow the antibodies attack the thyroid and thus preventing them from producing enough of the hormone.

- Treatment of hyperthyroidism: The use of the treatment to control the overactive thyroid gland injury to sedate disease.

- Radiation therapy: Displays the neck area to treat the injury as a result of radiographic tumor is.

- Surgery: thyroid gland or like removing part of it leads to her sedate surgery.

It is reported that some of the drugs and the effect of pregnancy in some women and genetic factors all of which may lead to the injury of thyroid sluggish.
What are the symptoms of hypothyroidism?

The multiple thyroid symptoms which starts gradually:

- Include thyroid symptoms at first, feeling tired and mild drowsiness continuously as a result of the slow your body's metabolism
- The high sensitivity of the body to the cold and the desire to stay warm atmosphere
- The incidence of chronic constipation
- Dry skin, hair, and swelling of the face
- Roughness in sound
- High cholesterol and an increase in unexpected weight
- Feeling pain in the muscles and spasms, pain and swelling in the joints
- PMS be heavier than usual
- Depression and frequent forgetfulness
Diabetes and thyroid idle

It has scientifically proven that there is a bilateral relationship so that diabetes leads to injury sluggishly thyroid and vice versa. What must you to know in this area that hyperthyroidism can lead to high blood sugar, and by increasing the amount of sugar secreted by the liver and increase the body's resistance to insulin. At the same time, in the event of falling or hypothyroidism, there will be slow in cracking insulin and get rid of it and therefore must conduct periodic examination of diabetes in a way to make sure the level of sugar in the blood. This inactivity also leads to increased blood fat and cholesterol, and this is what can be living with diabetes presents to more problems at the level of fat disorder and heart disease.

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