No doubt you have heard You test or spinal anesthesia, which helps a lot in avoiding pain. But today in this topic will give you additional information important to you benefit from them.
In total anesthesia migraine
Spinal anesthesia is a sedative injection pain and injection pumps in the lower back into the fluid surrounding the nerves of the spine and the doctor about it, using a very thin needle. Long syringe pump works spinal anesthesia to numb the nerves connected to the uterus and the cervix is not pregnant women feel pain after Balanaqbadat or caesarean section.
When we resort to spinal anesthesia?
We can resort to spinal anesthesia during the first stage of labor and provide full dose of spinal anesthesia in the room or anesthesia in the operating room. Of cases where spinal anesthesia is used remind emergency caesarean section or planned, or in no pain after childbirth or condition, required removal of the placenta outstanding manually or in some cases used for certain operations require anesthesia topically.
The benefits of spinal anesthesia
Spinal anesthesia gives the patient quickly to ease the pain and works within five to ten Dqqaiq any quick effect and is given by injection, without any need to keep the tube in the back.
Is there damage to the anesthesia migraine?
The damage that is reminiscent of anesthesia migraine is that it's a short-term which lasts between an hour and 90 minutes or two hours maximum. This can not be given anesthesia more than once and can not increase the dose of anesthetic. It is possible to generate spinal anesthesia itching in sensitive Kalonf and lips areas. Besides this severe headache anesthesia to the patient it may cause. From here the patient must maintain its stability while taking the syringe with a focus on breathing deeply and should never have to make any movement, besides anesthesia out of the body about 4 to 5 hours needs.

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