Leptin is a hormone made in fat cells and helps reduce appetite, while Agheirlen hormone to open appetite and plays a big role in weight gain.

The minimum ratio of leptin in slim increases when overweight, says nutrition expert Dr. Mary Dahlman from the University of California, that people with overweight consisting have immunity against the hormone leptin. Let us know together on those hormones better to know how we can control these hormones in healthy ways ..

- Leptin: is a hormone that is responsible for balancing the energy level in the body, and thought some researchers that leptin helps regulate hormone ghrelin, who shall leptin hormone sends signals to the brain to tell him that the body has received a sufficient level of energy, but obese does not respond to the hormone leptin, despite that they have a high level of the hormone. The bottom line to increase the proportion of fat in your body index to increase the proportion of leptin to have, but the ratio varies due to some surrounding Xaatk biological factors, and when was the last time you eat it. One study suggests that when you give a rat experiments dose of leptin said their appetite, but as long as the effect of the dose to 2-3 weeks only, due to the formation mice immune to the hormone.

 Hormone Ghrelin: Catalyst is an appetite suppressant hormone, secreted initially in the stomach and sends signals to the brain to feel hungry, according to the research and found that the proportion of high hormone in children with anorexia nervosa, and low when children are put obese. Germans researchers believe that the hormone ghrelin level plays an important role in our sense of hunger following the completion of eating, in the natural rise hormone ratio before eating, which gives a signal to the brain to feel hungry, and go down after you eat for 2-3 hours following the completion of eating.

How do you control the hunger hormones?
Possible to control the hunger hormones to reduce the proportion of fat in food, when you eat signals transmitted to different places in the body to tell your brain that you got your proficiency of energy, but when you eat foods that contain fat does not respond to the brain to those good signals, leading to eat fewer calories more and gain weight and percentage of fat storage in the body.
Researchers and adds that these changes occur after eating a fatty meal for 3 consecutive days. Of other things that help in controlling hormones are getting enough sleep, In a study of 12 men found that lack of sleep learning to raise the level of ghrelin than those who slept 10 hours a day.


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